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New Food: Honeycrisp Apples

Until this year I don’t believe that I have had a honeycrisp apple.  They come from heaven Washington State according to the little sticker that came on my organic apple (apparently sticker clue doesn’t count as a contaminate).  They’re sweet, they’ve got a mild floral component, and they’re usually crunchy (thus the crisp in the […]

Bacon Update: Rub-to-Brine Day One

This morning I checked in my fridge and it appears that the rub I put on the pork belly has been doing its job and the salt has drawn out some water from the pork cells and that water is mixing with the sugar (and other spices and flavorings) and its turning into a brine. […]

SFG: Square Foot Gardening Part 1

We’re preparing for our 2009 garden.  2008’s was a stinker, so we’re looking at making 2009 rock.  To do so we’re going to be doing something we’ve never done before and attempt square foot gardening.  We had read about it before, but this year we picked up Mel Bartholomew’s book All New Square Foot Gardening, […]

Homemade Bacon Part I

I have ordered some pork belly to cure and smoke myself.  I am going to cure & smoke the bacon at home without nitrites.  This is a slightly risky situation because of the chance of botulism, but I’m going to continue to do my homework so as to avoid any serious risk.  There are a […]

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This blog is about my journey into food knowledge, food preparation, and food sharing. Bon Appétit!