Really Eating Real Food

Food Manifesto

Manifestos are all the rage on the Internet.  They sound so official and powerful.  This one is neither

  1. This blog will be the honest telling of the foods I eat – even if they’re not self-consistent with the principles that motivated me to start it. That means that when I eat crappy foods but like them: you’ll know. It also means that as I learn about good food I will share those things, too!
  2. This blog will attempt to take a Christian perspective on food. That means it will recognize God’s intent for
    1. mankind to be creative after God’s creativity.  In food choices, recipes, and life.
    2. mankind to enjoy God’s creation after God’s enjoyment of His creation
    3. mankind to respect the stewardship of God’s creation
    4. mankind to have self-control (in areas of consumption and excess)
    5. mankind to not preach legalism (the Law) as a method of salvation or righteousness.  This is in food and all other areas of life.
  3. This blog will attempt to share food philosophy and principles, but that will not mean that you have to do anything presented on this blog to be a food philosopher.
  4. This blog is not opposed to beer, wine and spirits.  But it will not put up with comments that are queer, whine or flaming.  We do not suggest anyone consume these in excess.  Don’t get drunk.
  5. This blog will share recipes that the author likes, but you may not like them.  Use common sense and consider the things you like to eat and how you like to prepare food.
  6. This blog is for entertainment purposes only.  Undercooked meat can kill you – and all that jazz.
  7. This blog doesn’t respect the FDA.  The FDA has failed over and over again to guarantee the safety of ‘foods’ (in quotes because some of this stuff is hardly food), they promote corporatized food chains, and they cannot guaranteed safety.  The TSA would probably do just as good a job, except we’d not be allowed water.