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A Finance Story on a Food Blog: Smoking

I don’t smoke cigarettes.  In fact I’m allergic to tobacco, so it pretty much goes without saying that cigarettes, cigars, snuff, chew and the like are right out.  However, I love to smoke meat.  You might say I have a problem.  This all started back in the day when I lived in Texas and was […]

Weird Beer Snobbishness I Have

This is not a beer blog per-se, but I have reviewed a beer and I wanted to take a moment to point out something I noticed this last week while on a trip back to Indiana for my sister-in-law’s graduation.  I went to a restaurant and they served inexpensive, mass-produced beers.  Their entire selection was […]

Home Made Cheese Attempt I: Curds and Way Screwed Up

This afternoon I thought I’d try to make Mozzarella with the girls to have a fun food snack to take on a road trip we’re going to be taking this week.  I got a $6.00 gallon of milk and $28 in rennet, lipase, citric acid and cheese cloth (this last item was not for this […]

An About Face

This blog is about my journey into food knowledge, food preparation, and food sharing. Bon Appétit!