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Home Made Cheese Attempt I: Curds and Way Screwed Up

This afternoon I thought I’d try to make Mozzarella with the girls to have a fun food snack to take on a road trip we’re going to be taking this week.  I got a $6.00 gallon of milk and $28 in rennet, lipase, citric acid and cheese cloth (this last item was not for this project).  The rennet and lipase I will be able to use for some time (until they run out) so the actual cost of the cheese is somewhere around $7.00.  But here’s the problem: the cheese did not turn out.  So I spent about $8.00 for what is a weird feta-like substance.  It isn’t nasty, but it is surely not as awesome as what I had intended.

I’m not sure what went wrong other than I think the milk could possibly be ultra-pasteurized, which it is not supposed to be, but such is the way.  When I get home from the road trip I’m going to locate some milk that is appropriate for this project and this summer we will get at least one successful cheese making.  Keep checking this site for updates and – when it is successful – pictures and a recipe.

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