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Fast 3 Can Chili

I have posted on Twitter a few times about chili (usually as a joke – I don’t eat it that much).  I love chili, there’s something about the hearty, warm, spicy flavors and the thick mouth feel appeals to me more than some soups.  I like soup during the fall, winter and early spring when it can be cold.   This chili is a total cheater on the local, from scratch scale, but because you could, if you wanted make it that way I’ll post the recipe and then you can figure out if you want to throw this together in a fast or slow food fashion.  By Fashion I mean put on your apron.


1lb of Ground Beef (or Turkey)

1 15oz  Can of Ranch Beans (Made in TX of course)

1 16oz of Jar of chunky Salsa (even if its made in New York)

10 oz of mild enchilada sauce (we really like the stuff from King Sooper/Kroger, they have a Chipotle variety that is in a jar and is out of this world)

Cooking Spray/Canola Oil


1) Brown the meat in a large (6 quart) pot after spraying it with cooking spray or adding about 1 tablespoon of vegetable/Canola oil.

2) Add in the rest of the wet ingredients above (the enchilada sauce may need to be measured!  Too much can make this extra spicy!)

3) Let simmer for 10 minutes or so and then you can let this sit on low to allow flavors to blend for as many hours as you can keep an eye on it.

Bacon Bonus!

If  you’re feeling ‘fatty’ ad some uncured bacon to the recipe by frying up 2-3 strips of bacon in the bottom of the pot to start off the process.  Remove the bacon, and let rest on a paper towel to let some of the fat drip off.  Using some bacon dripping to brown the ground meat will make the ground meat all the more flavorful and then chop up the strips to add some smokey, salty flavors to each bite.

Fire Breathing Dragons Bonus!

I like spicy, hot food.  Before marrying my bride I used to coat burritos in crushed red peppers and the first time my wife made this recipe she used medium enchilada sauce and medium salsa.  It was the best, hottest chili she ever accidentally made :)  If you like hotter foods you might consider using a hotter salsa or a hotter enchilada sauce.  I’d recommend moving slowly in this direction if you are going to have to share this with someone.  It is just safer not to make ‘el diablo chili’ the first time if you are going to feed it to others.

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