Really Eating Real Food

Serious Confession: I Need A Substitute

Ghirardelli Brownies

These are amazing, just not home made

I hate to say this, but I have a soft spot in my sweet tooth for two specific desserts: Ice Cream and Ghirardelli Brownies.  I can buy ice cream ingredients and make a batch myself without any real issues.  From scratch food is always my favorite, but I don’t always have time so I do appreciate that Bryer’s has a very, very short ingredients list on their vanilla ice cream.  Here’s the problem: I have not found any from scratch brownies that are as good as the box from Ghirardelli.  This is where you come in: I can Google, Bing or Yahoo myself to death and not come up with results that have my confidence, so what recipe do you use to make the best brownies you can make?  As we move to have as many local, from scratch, or natural foods I want to avoid the boxed brownie mix and explore the whirled of home made (not too regularly mind you, I can’t gain weight from this stuff, so keep the crack out of the recipes, I don’t need to be addicted).

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